Aluminium 'COLOMBA' Desk Lamp by Walter & Moretti, France 1972


Vintage Postmodern Design Aluminium 'COLOMBA' table or desk lamp with wireless switch by Walter et Moretti, made in France, 1970s - 1972. Marked with a makers stamp. All aluminium constructed desk lamp which uses a unique wireless switch system. In very good condition. The lamp is in fully working condition equipped with it’s original wiring and ovoid pebble, which enables the user to switch the light on and off wirelessly. An unique feature which shows strong similarities with the modern day (wireless) mouse. The lamp measures 46,5cm x 26cm x 50cm.

Long time friends Isaac Walter and Giancarlo Moretti established their design studio in Paris in the 1960s. And just like Maria Pergay, Etienne Fermigier and several other French designers from that era, Walter & Moretti chose to execute their designs mainly in brushed aluminium.