Minimalist Design Modular Shelves Set, Netherlands 1960's


Vintage Midcentury Modern Minimalist Design Modular Shelves set. Made in the Netherlands, 1960's period. Slender black lacquered steel feet with perspex shelves put together with chrome steel connectors. There are 9 steel bases and 6 perspex shelves. You can set these up as you want. The black lacquer on the bases is very worn, so the steel shines through. The perspex shelves have scratches and are matt from their use and age. It has a overall nice patina in wear.

One element / base measures 40cm x 45cm x 34cm. When stacked 3 high this measures 120cm x 45cm x 34cm.

Sold as a complete set of 9 bases, all chrome connectors and 6 perspex shelves.

Not including the ceramic pots!